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Some of my "compositions" and "audio files" that used in different projects

Punkat Music Royalty Free Audio Store

Thank you for visiting my store :) What you can find here is...? OK! Listen... Musically speaking, my main focus is currently on creating Royalty Free Music. My work is spread across many different genres. Some songs are geared towards commercial applications while others are written more with cinematic settings in mind. I also write short jingles, pieces for logos and idents as well. You name the style and I pretty much write and produce it!

The majority of my Royalty Free Music is currently (and exclusively) for sale through, which is an industry leading Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects provider. In addition to Royalty Free Music, I also have music available listening for pleasure on iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Google play and many other international music stores. Thanks to CDBaby for distributing my music all over the world :).

If you need royalty-free audios for your projects, please check my store at by click here or logo on the left. Or would you like to ask for a specific custom work or to send me a message or have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks again!

What is Royalty Free Audio?

Royalty Free Audio Files are designed to be used as background music for a video, website, ad, or other media. It is called "royalty free music" because you don't need to pay any mechanical royalty fees, even though you might duplicate it many times in connection with your production.

Royalty Free license grants you, the purchaser, a non-transferable license to synchronise my music with your production without incurring additional royalty fees when the production is duplicated.

Please note that broadcasting stations (TV stations, radio stations, etc.) pay what are known as "performance royalties" but these fees are not paid by you, but the producer. Performance royalties are standard music industry fees that all broadcasting companies are required by law to pay.

Royalty Free Music License?

When you buy one of my royalty-free audio from, it comes with Regular License or Extended License.

For the complete terms and conditions on licensing I have prepared some links for you:

Which license is right for your use?

Regular License on my AudioJungle Store

Extended License on my AudioJungle Store


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