What you need? What I serve?

Composition & Arrangement

If you need customized audio files for your projects,

If "Royalty Free Auido Files" don't serve the purpose,

If you want to steer process and make desicions on result,

If you don't want ready-to-use works, but only need brand new audio file to increase your brand equity,


Let PUNKAT MUSIC helps you to have your own unique music.

I can compose all types of audio files, according to your needs.


A license from PUNKAT MUSIC will grant you / your company unlimited use of the audio material in an unlimited number of projects as it relates to the company that purchased the license. Upon the completion of licensed audio material you will receive a digital license in PDF format. For more information on licensing please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Counseling & Mentoring

I will listen to your songs with near/midfield reference monitors here in pro studio environment and as a certified audio engineer, I will provide constructive and detailed feedback.

If you are interested in you can click on the link below to access this service I provide through GROOVER.


Punkat-Anarsist (Lyric Video) from punkat on Vimeo.



Recording: (20 Euro/Hour)

Recording is not my main service. But I can help musicians who cannot find a chance to record their music. It's possible to arrange a day for recording in the studio or even I can make "on-location recordings" if needed (musician's place, outdoor, on the stage, ...)

Editing and Mixing: (20 Euro/Hour)

- You have recorded your material but have not done any editing, EQ work, added effects, or made any adjustments to levels or panning.

- You have recorded your material and done some degree of mixing, but only to achieve a basic mix. There is still a good amount of work required to get it to sound the way you want.

- You have recorded and mixed all your material and feel the final mixdown is fairly good, but you know a lot more can be done to it - you just don't have the time, experience, or equipment to get it there.

If your project fits any of these situations above, you may need Punkat Music's "Editing and Mixing Service" to help you finish your project. By "Editing and Mixing" I mean that there is some degree of work that is required on any or all elements within the song to make it sound balanced and musically appealing.

Mastering: (20 Euro/Hour)

"Final Magic Touch"... Is what I do with your mixed and edited stereo track. EQ, peak trim, Volume envelope shaping, Stereo decorrelation, Stereo enhancement, Compression/dynamics, Other optional effects, DC offset removal, Normalizing, Maximizing and Finishing Touches... And as a result, your music will sound like the hits in professional CDs!

Please listen these samples to understand better

AUDIO FILE(Recording Level) by Punkat Music

AUDIO FILE(Mixing Level) by Punkat Music

AUDIO FILE(Mastering Level) by PunkatMusic


Royalty-Free Audio

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